This step is optional and can be done at any point. Active webhook subscription is not a pre-requisite for using OffBlocks API and is engineered for convenient asynchronous processing of events

If you want a simple test for webhook notifications, you can set up a catch-all webhook endpoint via https://webhook.site/. You will have a unique generated URL you can use to receive notifications from OffBlocks API.

Please, follow the steps from Webhooks to set up and manage webhook notifications. For example, to set up a webhook notification for all entities' updates as a POST request to https://webhook.site/81f3f721-303e-4b3c-899f-57db55aa5262, make a PUT request to /webhooks with the following payload:

    "callbackUrl": "https://webhook.site/81f3f721-303e-4b3c-899f-57db55aa5262",
    "types": [

Once you create a new customer entity in step Customer Creation, you will receive a notification similar to the following:

  "chainId": "eip155:300:0x43158f45b5EbD7b1179130130DF00393928C2691",
  "createdAt": "2024-01-24T14:18:37.749861007Z",
  "eventId": "fb2ed25e-11b1-49ce-a703-75f0c2d58c09",
  "externalId": "5fb1479a-0ef4-418e-82b5-0eb76f8a3df9",
  "id": "29ca152b-a06a-5f6d-8f34-06a8f1250141",
  "status": "initiating",
  "updatedAt": "2024-01-24T14:18:37.749861007Z",
  "webhookType": "customer.updated"

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