5️⃣Customer Verification

This step assumes you have successfully created a new customer record using Customer Creationstep and signed a provided challenge

Once the customer challenge has been signed and signature verified, we will proceed to customer screening and verification. Our Sandbox is currently set up to automatically approve the screening stage proceeding to verification. At this stage, you can use our Simulator to verify or reject a newly created customer.

Assuming you would like to verify the customer and proceed with next steps, you need to make an empty PATCH request to /simulator/customers/{customerId}/verify.

If your request was successful, you will receive an empty response with status 202 (Accepted).

The customer will be automatically activated, which you can verify by making a GET request to /customers/{customerId}.

    "chainId": "eip155:280:0x43158f45b5EbD7b1179130130DF00393928C2691",
    "createdAt": "2024-01-12T14:53:02.653457Z",
    "externalId": "27c9aa3b-f12d-43b9-8e91-5264ccc998de",
    "id": "04c5851c-4386-5bd9-9f89-08312f8aee3a",
    "status": "active",
    "updatedAt": "2024-01-12T15:05:32.166028Z"

Once the customer has been created and successfully verified, we can proceed to setting up accounts and cards.

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