Protocol documentation for the OffBlocksSmartWallet.sol smart contract.

Contract Overview


  • ReentrancyGuard & Ownable from OpenZeppelin

  • Also imports IOffBlocksEscrow, IOffBlocksSmartWallet & IOffBlocksSmartWalletFactory interfaces and IERC20 &ECDSA from OpenZeppelin which is used in the contract

  • PendingWithdrawal

Author: OffBlocks Team

Description: The OffBlocksSmartWallet is designed for EVM chains supporting ERC-4337. It interacts with an escrow contract to facilitate token approvals and deposits, supports nonce-based operations for security, and manages withdrawals through an internal PendingWithdrawal contract module.


constructor(address _owner, address _escrow, address _smartWalletFactory);
  • Inputs:

    • _owner: The owner of the smart wallet.

    • _escrow: Address of the OffBlocks escrow contract.

    • _smartWalletFactory: Address of the OffBlocks smart wallet factory.

  • Outputs: None.

  • Description: Initializes a new OffBlocksSmartWallet with the specified owner, linked to a specific escrow and factory contract.



function approveTokensToEscrow(address _token, uint256 _amount, uint256 _nonce, bytes calldata _signature) external onlyEscrowOwner;
  • Description: Approves a specified amount of tokens to the escrow contract, using a signature for authorization.

  • Inputs:

    • _token: The token to approve.

    • _amount: Amount of tokens to approve.

    • _nonce: A nonce for operation uniqueness.

    • _signature: An off-chain generated signature for operation verification.

  • Emits: ApproveTokensToEscrow event upon success.


function depositIntoEscrow(address _token, uint256[] calldata _splitAmounts, address[] calldata _splitAddresses) external nonReentrant onlyEscrowOwner;
  • Description: Deposits tokens into the escrow contract for split distribution.

  • Inputs:

    • _token: The token to deposit.

    • _splitAmounts: Array of amounts for split distribution.

    • _splitAddresses: Array of addresses for receiving the split amounts.

  • Emits: DepositIntoEscrow event upon success.


function topUpDepositIntoEscrow(uint256 _depositId, uint256[] calldata _splitAmounts) external nonReentrant onlyEscrowOwner;
  • Description: Tops up an existing deposit in the escrow contract.

  • Inputs:

    • _depositId: The ID of the deposit to top up.

    • _splitAmounts: New split amounts for the deposit.

  • Emits: TopUpDepositIntoEscrow event upon success.


function initiateTokenWithdrawal(address _token, uint256 _amount) external nonReentrant onlyOwner;
  • Description: Initiates a withdrawal of tokens to the owner after a delay.

  • Inputs:

    • _token: The token to withdraw.

    • _amount: The amount of tokens to withdraw.


function claimTokenWithdrawal(address _token) external nonReentrant onlyOwner;
  • Description: Claims a pending token withdrawal after the delay.

  • Inputs:

    • _token: The token to claim withdrawal for.


function smartWalletOwner() public view returns (address);
  • Description: Returns the address of the owner of the smart wallet.

  • Outputs: Address of the smart wallet owner.


function escrowOwner() public view returns (address);
  • Description: Returns the address of the owner of the linked escrow contract.

  • Outputs: Address of the escrow contract owner.


function _validateNonce(uint256 _nonce) internal;
  • Description: Validates the provided nonce to ensure it matches the expected sequence, incrementing the wallet's nonce upon success.

  • Inputs: _nonce - The nonce to validate.


function _validateSignature(bytes32 _hash, bytes calldata _signature) internal view;
  • Description: Validates the provided signature against the expected hash and the wallet owner's address.

  • Inputs:

    • _hash - The hash of the signed data.

    • _signature - The signature to validate.


function _getHash(bytes memory _data) internal pure returns (bytes32);
  • Description: Computes the hash of the given data.

  • Inputs: _data - The data to hash.

  • Outputs: The hash of the data.


function _getSum(uint256[] memory _values) internal pure returns (uint256);
  • Description: Calculates the sum of the given array of values.

  • Inputs: _values - An array of values to sum.

  • Outputs: The sum of the values.


  • onlyEscrowOwner: Restricts function calls to the owner of the escrow contract.


  • ApproveTokensToEscrow: Emitted when tokens are approved to the escrow.

  • DepositIntoEscrow: Emitted upon a token deposit into the escrow.

  • TopUpDepositIntoEscrow: Emitted when a deposit in the escrow is topped up.


  • ZeroAddress: Thrown when a zero address is provided where it is not allowed.

  • ZeroValue: Thrown when an ether transfer with a zero amount is attempted.

  • ZeroTokens: Thrown when a token operation involves a zero amount.

  • InsufficientBalance: Indicates the wallet has insufficient token balance for an operation.

  • InvalidNonce: Thrown when an invalid nonce is used, preventing replay attacks.

  • InvalidSignature: Thrown when a provided signature does not match the expected signer.

  • TokenApprovalFailed: Indicates a failure in token approval to the escrow.

  • WithdrawalDelayNotPassed: Thrown when a withdrawal is attempted before the delay period ends.

  • ERC20TransferFailed: Indicates a failure in transferring ERC20 tokens.

  • EtherTransferFailed: Indicates a failure in transferring ether.

  • OnlyEscrowOwner: Restricts certain operations to the escrow contract owner.

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